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If you consider your biggest asset to be your home, your cottage or your vehicle, you may be forgetting something. What about your ability to earn?

For most of us, the ability to earn an income represents our biggest financial asset. Lose that and the home, cottage, vehicle and so much more may follow, thus the importance of disability insurance.

A disability insurance contract will provide you with a safety-net in the event you become disabled and unable to earn an income. Specifically, it will pay up to 66.67% of your income, tax free, for whatever term you agree upon, up to age 65.

So you get to keep your assets, your family continues to receive an income, and you can continue to invest in a savings plan that will secure your financial future.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are struck by heart attacks and strokes, or diagnosed with life threatening illnesses like heart disease and cancer. This, combined with the fact that today's national health care system is heavily burdened, is why we recommend critical illness insurance.

Critical illness insurance pays you up to $2,000,000 if you're diagnosed with any of the 24 critical illnesses covered – and there are absolutely no stipulations on how you spend that money. It's simply placed into your account, tax-free, so that you and your family can deal with your illness and you can be cared for without the added stress of financial uncertainty.



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   Brenda purchases a Critical Illness policy as part of her "complete" financial plan.

   After a couple years she forgot about it but was glad to have the peace of mind when it came time to claim.

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   Dr. Barnard watched as a young nurse's health deteriorated after she returns to work while battling cancer.

   Recognizing the shortcomings of life insurance he works with financial institutions to create a new product.